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Talks on Iraq's Future to Reconvene in 10 Days

Initial efforts at forming a post-Saddam Hussein government in Iraq end with an agreement to meet again in 10 days. About 100 representatives of Iraq's Shiite, Sunni and Kurdish communities met with retired U.S. Army Gen. Jay Garner, who has been selected by the Bush administration to oversee the re-establishment of an Iraqi state. Hear NPR's Mike Shuster and NPR's Tom Gjelten.

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Mike Shuster
Mike Shuster is an award-winning diplomatic correspondent and roving foreign correspondent for NPR News. He is based at NPR West, in Culver City, CA. When not traveling outside the U.S., Shuster covers issues of nuclear non-proliferation and weapons of mass destruction, terrorism, and the Pacific Rim.
Tom Gjelten reports on religion, faith, and belief for NPR News, a beat that encompasses such areas as the changing religious landscape in America, the formation of personal identity, the role of religion in politics, and conflict arising from religious differences. His reporting draws on his many years covering national and international news from posts in Washington and around the world.