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Pat Martino, Guitar Hero—Twice in a Lifetime

Oct 9, 2013

Guitarist Pat Martino was a jazz and soul-jazz star since the mid-1960s, recording for the Prestige, Muse, Warner Bros. and Blue Note labels.  In 1980, after operations for a brain aneurysm, he could remember nothing.

He barely recognized his parents, and had no memory of his guitar or his career.  The story of his life, recovered memories and restored career are fascinating to read about in his book, "Here and Now-The Autobiography of Pat Martino."

In 2008, director Ian Knox and Neuropsychologist Paul Broks produced "Martino Unstrung," a documentary that “explores the nature of memory, self, creativity and the mysterious brain mechanisms underlying the construction of personal identity.”  The film was an official selection in numerous festivals, including the Tacoma Film Festival, and Seattle’s Earshot Jazz Film Festival.  Vic Schermer of All About Jazz called it “perhaps the finest documentary about a jazz musician ever made.”

For more detail, check out this post about Pat's case report in World Neurosurgery.

Pat Martino’s trio with guest saxophonist James Carter performs at Seattle’s Jazz Alley tomorrow through Sunday. 

Pat Martino will also join us for a live  Studio Session this Friday at 12:15pm during KPLU's Mid Day Jazz!