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No one's immune from 'kitchen gizmo madness'

Aug 10, 2011

I'd define "kitchen gizmo" as one of those things that you buy on impulse, use a few times and then stash away in the closet – or in Nancy Leson's case – a basement freezer. 

None of us are immune to the lure of the kitchen gizmo, even though I claimed otherwise in this week's Food for Thought. 

Now, Leson claims she bought it so her son Nate could have healthful fresh fruit popsicles, but I suspect "kitchen gizmo madness."

I do have two items that could sort of be classified as gizmos, except I use them every single day. My (fabulous) Aeropress and the (scintillating) Soda Stream.  I've mentioned these things in the past and this is a good time to do it again.  I've had both for years now and wouldn't be without either. 

And no,  I don't get a single dime or anything free whatsoever from those companies.  In fact I'm kind of hurt that you would even think such a thing – don't claim you didn't. 

Got some wacko piece of technology that looked good when you bought it and now languishes in the basement?  Tell all below.


-Slim Gailard

Here's a kitchen gizmo that makes you wonder:

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