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Going Places: Fall, Winter Travel Doesn't Have To Be Elaborate

Sep 21, 2017

For a lot of people, fall means a return to routine. The kids are back in school, for example, and organizations start having meetings again.

The official start of autumn this week has KNKX travel expert Matthew Brumley thinking about breaking up that routine through quick getaways.

Brumley says the fall can bring some simple escapes, like finding a U-pick apple orchard and then making apple sauce with friends.

And he’s getting a lot of messages from ski resorts right now, offering discounts to book winter weekends. That’s tempting, he says, but Brumley urges caution for people who want to book their ski trips early.

"If the snow isn't good in December or January, you may have just purchased yourself a week up at a ski resort with no snow,” he said.

Brumley says people should see if there’s a refund policy, or at the very least be ready for a less ski-filled weekend, should snow conditions be less than ideal. The key to any travel, he says, is being flexible.

He also recommends cross-country skiing. It’s easier for newcomers than downhill skiing, and there are a lot of good places in the Cascades to give it a try.

"You soak up nature in a different way, and you get a little exercise, which we all need in the wintertime,” Brumley said.

The bottom line? Book now, especially if you have a dream location.


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